Team Concept

Same goal, shoulder heavy responsibility, tacit understanding and trust, risk-sharing

Our company advocates the spirit of the wild goose team. To create the most competitive leading enterprise is the common goal of each employee. To achieve this goal, everyone has to be loyal to their own team; everyone has to shoulder heavy responsibility; everyone has to perform their potential; everyone has to concentrate on work and to be the leading wild goose in the team. In fierce market competition, everyone should trust each other; everyone should cooperate well with others; everyone should be willing to contribute to the enterprise; everyone should unite together to overcome the difficulties. Ultimately, when we achieve the development strategic objective of the enterprise, we also achieve the value of our own life.


Innovation Concept

Sustainable innovation, tolerance of the failure

Sustainable innovation is the source and motive power of the enterprises survival and development. In order to create the most competitive leading enterprise, we must create strong atmosphere of innovation; we must support employees innovation, technological innovation, management innovation, institutional innovation and innovation milieu. We should understand and tolerant the failures that occur during the innovation working . We need to continue to encourage employees innovation, and make the innovation became a feature, a spirit and a fashion.


Quality concept

High standard, meticulous work, zero defect

High standard, meticulous work and zero defect are the basic requirements and basic working attitudes for employees. High standard is precondition. Meticulous work is basic requirement. Zero defect is final goal. They are interlinked with each other. All of them are indispensable.



Safety concept

Life is priceless, safety is most important.

Life is given to everyone only once. We should have respect for life and cherish life. Safety and prevention are the top priority. Safety is essential requirement and inevitable requirement for production and operation. Only if the life safety of employees are protected and good working condition of facilities is guaranteed, the enterprise can achieve sustainable, healthy and harmonious development.


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